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Early on, it became evident that many of our matrimonial and family law clients were finding themselves involved with a host of other legal issues, most commonly it was criminal prosecution. Usually these charges stemmed from some domestic incident with their significant other during a divorce or family court case. Other times, they were getting picked up on charges during thier case but on unrelated matters, for example a DWI. It was just a natural progression for us to represent them in their criminal prosecution as well. Most criminal prosecutions can have a significant on your pending divorce or family court case. Moreover, our clients felt comfortable with our representation and did not want to hire another attorney.


We have been effectively representing clients who are facing criminal prosecution for nearly two decades. Mr. Zimmer is not only skilled at representing clients in all phases of prosecution from non-criminal violations to serious felonies, but he has also been a member of the Suffolk County 18b panel since 2005 and has successfully defended thousands of clients facing midemeanor prosecutions through the County of Suffolk 18b program.


We have handled criminal matters such as suspended licenses, domestic violence charges, assaults, DWI charges, Leandra's law, resisting arrest, all types of drug related and drug possession matters, sexual assault or other sex related crimes, larceny, robbery, stolen vehicles and a host of other charges. We zealously fight for our clients and always achieve optimal results.


When your criminal charges occur during your divorce or family court case, you will feel especially fortunate to have one single attorney handle your entire matter. First, you save on legal fees because you do not have to pay two lawyers to handle each separate case. We are aware of monetary concernes, and are usually able to schedule all court dates in multiple courts on one day, saving you time and money. Moreover, since one attorney is familar with all aspects of your case, we are better able to negotiate with the District Attorney, in the end working out the best possible results that will have the least impact on your life.


All too often, we see the criminal and family law attorney working as two separate sides, working out deals and making decisions without regard to the other case pending in the other court which is equally as important.


If you are seeking the best possible represenation in your criminal matter, even if you do not have pending matrimonial issues, you should consider hiring an attorney with vast criminal law experience. This firm has that experience and after nearly two decades of representing clients in criminal defense, you will be confident that you are in good hands! Call us now for a free consultation and we will show you exactly how we can help.








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When I was picked up on DWI and drug charges I thought my life was over. Mr. Zimmer handled my case and fought every step of the way. I am not proud of what happened to me, my family went through hell, but I am so thankful for Mr. Zimmer, he got my DWI case dismissed after fighting for me and I feel like I have a new outlook on life since then. I will never forget his help, I am eternally greatful!


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My divorce was not hard, it was an absolute disaster!! Not only was I fighting a messy divorce, but my wife had me arrested for raping her and thrown in jail! I almost lost my job, my kids, MY FREEDOM, my entire life! Ron was a shark, he fought for me in criminal court, he fought my wife's lawyer in divorce court, it was like watching a television drama. By the time my case was over, Ron got the charges dismissed and a great divorce settlement on the other side.

Unless you have walked a mile in another man's shoes you cannot know what I have been through. This man got my life back for me. If you have any doubts as who to hire, I cannot tell you strongly enough to trust this man. The best decision I ever made in my life.

-Anonymous and happy!

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