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Violations of Court Orders and/or divorce agreements are quite common. You may find yourself in the difficult position where the other party is not living up to their end of that agreement or Court Order. When this happens, your only alternative may be an enforcement action in court to force the other side to comply.

These enforcement actions can include a multitude of violations. Most commonly, these actions include a failure to pay child support, a failure to pay spousal support, or some violation of visitation/custody agreement. However, there are literally thousands of ways a divorce agreement or Court Order can be violated.


When there is a violation, you will need to hire an attorney to force the opposing side to comply with that order. Ultimately, the Court can provide many remedies in these situations. In fact, many divorce agreements have additional remedies built-in, such as counsel fees against the defaulting party.


Enforcement of these orders must be handled by a skilled and experienced attorney. If an enforcement proceeding is not handled properly, it can have serious consequences which can lead to serious and long lasting injustices. You can be confident that our firm is highly competent to handle your violation case in both Supreme Court and Family Court.

Enforcement Action Overview

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