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As a Father, are your rights being protected?

Are you being heard?

Is everyone telling you that Father's have no rights when it comes to your children?

We take Father's rights serioulsy!



We recognize the rights you have as a Father. Not only do we recognize those rights, we fight hard to protect them! Your children mean the world to you. They look up to you and you are their very first role model in life. Everyone has seen the old television shows where life is perfect and children say “I want to be just like my dad!” Just because we don’t live in the land of make believe, does not mean children don’t our shouldn’t feel that way about you as a father.


The old notion that Father’s never get custody is just that —an old notion. These days, custodial rights are “gender neutral” which means that the Court will determine custody on factors other than your gender. Generally, a determination of custody is based upon what is in the best interests of the child or children.


We have been fighting to protect the rights of father’s for almost two decades, and we will continue our fight. I have won custody for Father’s that almost had no hope left. I can help you win your custody battle. Whatever it takes, we will fight to protect your rights as a father.


That said, not every father is looking to win custody. Many father's we have represented over the years just want their rights protected or enforced. Often, Father's just want to put an end to the years of being stepped on by a controlling mother or they being treated terribly unfair.


Whether you are seeking anything from a generous parenting schedule, to being recognized as an equal parent to your child, or simply looking to enforce or change an outdated court order that no longer makes sense, or even enforce your cusodial rights, you will need a powerful voice to get that accomplished. Let our experience work work you. Call us today so we can plan a winning strategy!









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I was referred to Ron Zimmer from a friend that was very happy with his results. I knew that I needed someone to fight really hard for me because my ex wife fought me on everything, and the lies made up about me made me sick to my stomach.  I have to say that Ron fought for my rights as a father until the court finally listened.  Nobody ever fought this hard for me.  

Nobody ever listened either until I actually had a voice! This guy doesn't give up until he wins his case. I never thought a dad could win custody but I did! I am so happy, my kids are happy and I am one satisfied client! Now I refer everyone I know.


Do you need a Powerful voice?

We are here for you.